Thursday, April 14, 2011

TECHNOLOGY: In this realm, the youth can lead

Point of View by Aaron Linne
Baptist Press

With the announcement of the iPad 2, Steve Jobs gave some very clear statistics that herald our move into the post-PC world: more than 200 million iTunes Store accounts, 15 millions iPads sold in 10 months, and more than 65,000 apps available. These are touch points for just one company; it doesn’t include all sorts of gadgets and applications that are coming out from Google, Microsoft and the hundreds of companies we’ve never heard of from other countries.

The speed of technology adoption is moving faster than we can comprehend; it’s moving so fast that we’re not even seeing it even though we’re a part of it. Amazon recently announced that they are selling more Kindle books than paperback books; before the end of the year we can likely expect them to announce that they are selling more Kindle books than physical books total.

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