Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fishermen Inc. Unveils New Line of Christ Collectibles

Jesus Comes Alive Through Intriguing New Figurine Interpretations

American International Toy Fair 2007

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jesus on a Chopper? Christ riding a rail? A fresh new approach to the role of Jesus Christ in everyday life is embodied in the launch of nine beautifully molded figurines at the 2007 American International Toy Fair.

The debut product from Fishermen Inc. of Los Angeles shows the inspiration that Jesus serves for many in todays times. Each figurine depicts Jesus in one of nine different realities ranging from the exciting to the sublime, each with a different interpretation of Christs self-dubbed epithet, I Am. Some of the figures are designed to bring a smile -- others to make you think -- but all of them are intended to inspire.

The I Am Freedom figure showcases a jean-clad Jesus aboard a Chopper, complete with long raked handlebars, his long robe flying out from behind him. The I Am Victory model has Jesus mid-bicycle kick in a soccer uniform, his cleats pointing skyward. In a more thoughtful vein, I Am Peace shows Jesus in camouflage military fatigues, holding a dove in his outstretched hand, while I Am Hope simply portrays Jesus in shabby clothing, holding a sign with the all-too omnipresent, Will Work 4 Food.

We wanted to bring a product to the market that allowed people to bring their own interpretation on the role Christ plays in their lives, either for themselves personally or for others, said Eric Dyson, president of Fishermen Inc. We sought to find a respectful approach to depicting Christ in different modern-day likenesses.

Rounding out the set are I Am Strength, with Jesus aboard a bucking bull, cowboy hat in hand; I Am Faith, featuring Jesus scrambling with a football; I Am Spirit has Him shooting a curl while surfing; I Am Youth has a skateboarding Jesus riding a rail; and lastly I Am Life shows a rock-climbing Jesus hanging from a cliff.

Each model in the set was created with painstaking attention to detail and Fishermen Inc. artisans indeed capture emotion, reality and spiritual context in each figure. The hard plastic figurines are individually hand-painted and come mounted on a plastic base. Depending on the size of the figure, retail price for the Fishermen line is either $25.00 or $35.00.

The line of Fishermen Inc. I Am Jesus models will be available online at www.WeAreFishermen.com, through Christian retail specialty stores, or at select retailers nationwide.

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