Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Surgery Today

As Thanksgiving approaches it gives us cause to reflect on our blessings.  I, like you, have many, but today is a very special blessing.  I'm not having surgery today!  Stating this as a "blessing" might seem strange to those who don't know me very well, so allow me to explain.

Both of my hips were replaced in 1995 and I began experiencing pain in the left one in late 2007.  In 2008 it was determined that the femoral rod was slipping... this is painful.  The surgery, a "hip revision", was scheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  The procedure had a few complications, but the hope was it would solve the problem.  However, in mid 2009 the pain returned.  Another surgery was scheduled for - you guessed it - the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  This time, the hip revision went as planned.  I still have a lot of muscle weakness that requires me to use a cane - but no pain - and with no pain, that means no surgery!

Now you understand why not having surgery today, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, is a blessing.  This will be my first Thanksgiving at home in three years!  Hospital food just isn't the same as home cookin'.  Boy, am I excited!!

I called Dr. Mark Petty's office today.  He was in surgery.  I left him a message that I am really glad that I'm not seeing him on a professional basis today.  His staff got a laugh out of that.  They are awesome people.  I will also say the staff at North Florida Regional Hospital in Gainesville, Florida is excellent, and a blessing to me in my time of need.  I'm sure they will be a blessing to those hospitalized this Thanksgiving.  Join me in praying for those that will not be home with family and friends for this holiday - those that wil be hospitalized and those working hospital employees.

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