Friday, February 25, 2011

James Is The Giant

This past Sunday night I spoke to students in the AWANA program and adults during the evening service at Gateway Baptist Church in Lake City, Florida.  The theme for the evening was "Super Size".  How appropriate is a 3'10" tall man nicknamed "James The Giant" speaking on the theme of "Super Size"???  Of course there is only one subject that I felt would be appropriate for this setting - David and Goliath.

I shared the story of this great event from 1 Samuel 17:1-52.  At one point I had an AWANA student play the role of David while I stood on a chair and played Goliath.  Hey, James The Giant should play the role of the giant... right??

I had a great time sharing with the students and they seemed to enjoy it too, and maybe the adults even learned something.  8-)

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