Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starting a Revival

Croft & Steele
This week I had the honor of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ during a revival meeting in Lake City, Florida.  The services were held at Huntsville Baptist Church as part of their 32nd Anniversary celebration.  I'm unable to report to you that the sanctuary was filled to capacity each night or that a multitude of people were saved during the meeting.  In fact, the attendance was about average for the church and no one received Christ (that we know of).  However, you never judge a revival meeting by what happens during the services.

"Revival" doesn't just happen because we plan a series of meetings; have great numbers in attendance; experience electrifying music or preaching; nor does it happen because we say we want it.  I have seen churches have a great series of meetings, but then after the meetings the church returns to their "normal" mode.  "Revival" only begins when the "born again" believer completely surrenders to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, replacing our will for our life with His "Perfect Will" for our life.

With that said, the indicators (for lack of a better term) of a church or believer in revival will become evident after the series of meetings.  Some of these "indicators" may be, but are not limited to, increased faithfulness by the believer in personal Bible study, prayer, serving, and sharing Christ with the lost.  This faithfulness by the believer in these areas should lead to increased faithfulness in attendance, worship, serving, giving, and meeting the needs of others.  The result: a church wholeheartedly committed to furthering the Kingdom of God by impacting their community and the world for Christ.  Sounds like the start of "revival"!

So, was "revival" sparked during this week of services?  Only the Lord knows the future.  I do know that I was blessed by the faithfulness of those attending, their apparent sincerity in seeking God's face, and by the loving fellowship shown to visitors and each other.  I hope you will join me in praying for the Lord to use my dear friend Pastor Jim Steele and everyone at Huntsville Baptist Church.  God has certainly used them for the past 32 years in reaching and loving others in Jesus' name.

If you live in the Lake City, Florida area or are passing through, Pastor Jim Steele and members of Huntsville Baptist Church would welcome you to worship with them. The church is located at 5720 NW Lake Jeffery Road in Lake City, Florida. For more information or directions call at (386) 752-2089.

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