Thursday, December 01, 2011

Brazilian drug lord receptive to the Gospel

NOTE:  This is a fascinating and true story about a Southern Baptist Missionary in a dangerous area of the world.  Feel free to post your comments about the story and video by clicking "comments" below.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (BP) -- A drug lord called "The Godfather" wanted Eric Reese dead.

Reese, an IMB missionary in Brazil who works in the gang-controlled favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro, often ministers to gang leaders, drug dealers and prostitutes, frequently finding himself in dangerous situations on streets where violence often rules. In seeking to take every step with faith in following God's call to go wherever people need Jesus, Reese has gained a reputation for being a man everyone can trust.

During the past year, The Godfather began to experience a change of heart and invited Reese to come share God's Word with him on a monthly basis.

As my colleagues and I planned our media coverage to tell how God is using Reese and his wife Ramona in Rio, Reese asked if we would be willing to interview The Godfather. Cautiously, we agreed and began the process of gaining access to him.

Weeks before arriving, we were asked to send in photos of ourselves, so The Godfather's guards could recognize us. Then we had to submit our interview questions for prior approval.

Read the entire story on Baptist Press.

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