Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Baker County JOY Box Drop-off

This message is for our JOY Box participants in Baker County, Florida.  If you have prepared JOY Boxes and need to deliver them this week, call us at (386) 867-3199. Our Macclenny drop-off location, Davis Golf Cart & Small Engine Repair, will be closed this week due to a death in their family.  Please remember the Ulys Davis Family in your prayers.

A section of the JCEA website offers full details of the ministry including a video explaining how you can participate.  If you are unable to prepare a box, but would like to contribute financially toward this ministry our website provides details for that too.

Drop-off locations for JOY Boxes are:
·        Davis Golf Carts, 126 South 5th Street in Macclenny, FL.
·        Beulah Baptist Association, 189 NW Cali Drive in Lake City, FL.

Deadline for boxes is Thursday, January 12, 2012.

Your prayers & consideration of this ministry are greatly appreciated!
NOTE: The video below provides additional info about the JOY Box ministry.

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