Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Can We Help Your Church?

James fields calls from pastors, youth ministers, and lay leaders of ministries to gauge how best he can help meet the overall goals of local churches.  Here are some thoughts to help you:
  • James believes his primary mission is to evangelize through the context of local New Testament churches.
  • Financially, he is supported by the generosity of churches and individuals.  His Association board encourages churches to provide for his transportation costs, housing, as well as love offerings during the time of ministry with you.
  • Length of engagements is not an issue.  James speaks in week-long meetings, as well as one-day services.  He is also available for church banquets, retreats, youth revivals, and children’s camps.
  • In multi-day meetings, James makes himself available for ministry in community settings, by addressing civic groups, nursing homes, and schools, should you desire this.
  • James does preach in supply as his calendar allows.
For more information about the ministries of the James Croft Evangelistic Association visit our website.

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