Monday, March 07, 2011

Airport Leprechaun, Youth Entourage, Christian Rap, and Cudd Meeting

My week leading up to this revival meeting has been interesting.  You may recall my posts last week about the kidney stone episode.  Then, as I prepared for the trip to the airport in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday I received news that my flight had been delayed by an hour.  I began wondering if this was a "sign" (term used very loosely here) of things to come on the trip to South Carolina.  Oh, come on now, you sometimes think that way too, right??

Airport Leprechaun
I decided to wear my leprechaun hat on the plane instead of trying to pack it in my luggage.  I guess I needed something to help set me apart from the other travelers, something that might help draw attention since I'm so ordinary looking and blend so well into the crowds.  Actually, I am almost invisible in the crowds, but I learned that a 3'10" tall man wearing a leprechaun hat WILL get a lot of attention!  I posed for pictures with two people in the airport and was the subject of at least one more, not to mention all of the conversations that it started.  This allowed me to share Jesus with a couple of folks too!

One of the gentlemen that requested a photo with me was beginning his spring break.  He told me later that he posted the photo on Facebook with a caption saying, "five minutes after clearing security I met a leprechaun, so I think it will be my lucky day."  I hope he doesn't totally depend on "luck".

On my first flight I was seated next to a lady returning home to Indiana.  As we began to talk and I mentioned where I lived, she said, "I know you!" and called my name.  Come to find out, I went to Baker County High School in Macclenny, Florida with two of her brothers.  She had come home to visit her dad for a week.  Small world isn't it?

Revival Security
Anyway, my luggage and I arrived safely in South Carolina where I was met by Pastor Danny Garrett of Cudd Memorial Baptist Church and my "entourage".  Three of the church's youth boys took care of my luggage and we joked they would be "revival security" for the week.  Of course we had to strike a pose for a photo.  We went on to have a wonderful time of fellowship.  They also informed me that some of the youth prepared a Christian Rap video with me as the subject.  You can view the video on my Facebook page.

Cudd Memorial Baptist
The revival meeting at Cudd Memorial Baptist Church in Spartanburg got underway yesterday morning with a full-house.  Chairs were even placed in the aisle for extra space.  Here's another exciting piece of information... we had another great crowd for the night service.  They must be coming for the music, which is really awesome!  Seriously the music is great.  God really moved in both services.  Praise the Lord!!  The revival services continue at 6:30pm nightly through Wednesday.  You can view more photos of this week's activities in the Spartanburg, SC 2011 photo gallery.  Additional photos will be added during the week.

I've spent today preparing for tonight's service and a special appearance at Nana's Daycare in Boiling Springs tomorrow.  Pastor Danny Garrett also treated me to lunch today at a Spartanburg tradition, the Beacon Drive-In.  Oh, my, the food was good and the tea was out-of-this-world good!!

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Sister of Enturage said...

This is Hilarous!! Haha! Your messages are amazing! an't wait to hear you for two more nights!