Friday, September 09, 2011

A Stubborn Kidney Stone

Well, it appears I have one stubborn kidney stone.  As reported earlier, I underwent a "sound blasting" procedure over two weeks ago that was supposed to destroy the 11-millimeter stone and allow it to pass.  Unfortunately it reduced the stone to 7-millimeters but did not destroy it.  I will undergo a different procedure called "Ureteroscopy" next Monday, September 12th.  If this procedure goes as planned, a laser will be used to destroy the stone and the larger pieces will be removed.  I will have a kidney stent for another 7 days to aid in the passing of the smaller pieces.

I'm really praying for this procedure to work as I have two back-to-back revival meetings beginning on Sunday, September 25th.  This means I will have two weeks for recovery before the meetings.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: The history of this "living stone".

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