Monday, April 09, 2007

'B.C.' Comic Strip Creator Johnny Hart Dead at 76

NOTE: 'B.C.' has always been one of my favorite comic strips. This story brings out the fact that Johnny Hart was a Christian and reflected his belief in the cartoon. In an interview, Hart called the comic strip a "ministry". Read more about Hart and view a recent cartoon at the links below.

ENDICOTT, N.Y. — Cartoonist Johnny Hart, whose award-winning "B.C." comic strip appeared in more than 1,300 newspapers worldwide, died at his home on Saturday. He was 76.

"He had a stroke," Hart's wife, Bobby, said on Sunday. "He died at his storyboard."

"B.C.," populated by prehistoric cavemen and dinosaurs, was launched in 1958 and eventually appeared in more than 1,300 newspapers with an audience of 100 million, according to Creators Syndicate, Inc., which distributes it.

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